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posted by Zero-I on August 13th, 2011, 11:58 pm

Probabbly something you might want to read if your really into Resonate C:

Sooo, for those who haven't noticed; Resonate has been uploading at least once a week. I've been trying to figure up a schedule for when school starts, I can maintain Resonate as well.

Uh, its not a "confirmed" schedule but it might be a little confusing so please bare with me! Each week I should be uploading at least (1) page. If I don't post a page in more than a week, then please yell at me something to get me back and running again--mainly because of me being lazy. orz But like I've been saying: I seriously LOVE Resonate and Its a joy showing you guys here on SJ how the story rolls C: I'm not here to give my life story so lets make this short. XD /shot

Since school's coming I may get to only 2-3 pages on WEEKDAYS only. If I'm having a good day, I might upload more. Weekends are usually my "vacation" for me just to chill, and other stuff so please understand...! :D

Peace -Zero


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